The 38CVP Innovation Drive is an industrial drive that includes a high efficiency NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) variator, designed to be a maintenance free, drop-in module for your industrial, energy, agricultural, marine, material handling or test stand applications.

The 38CVP is industrial rated at 10kW continuous and 20kW peak. The unit is compact (386mm shaft to shaft wide and 300mm high) and provides a ratio range of 0.5:1 to 1.75:1 (given as speed ratios) with 24.5 Nm of torque and a maximum of 7,800 RPM.


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For customers whose needs exceed the 20kW peak of  the 38CVP Innovation Drive, the cooling system can be upgraded to a peak power of 75kW at the 1:1 speed ratio, 40kW at the ratio extremes.

The 38CVP will be of interest to customers who want to buy something off the shelf for use in industrial applications of 5 to 10 hp (3.75 to 7.5kW) where the objective is to convert a constant speed machine into a variable speed unit.

The base model comes with a manual shift mechanism. The drive can also be upgraded to full closed loop control with 300ms shift times across the ratio range.

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