The NuVinci 38CVP Innovation Kit is a developer kit that includes a NuVinci continuously variable planetary (CVP) variator. The kit includes a housing and a lubrication/cooling system. The unit is relatively compact (386mm shaft to shaft wide and 300mm high). It provides a ratio range of 0.5:1 to 1.75:1 and will support up to 20kW of continuous power, 24.5 Nm of torque and a maximum of 7,800 RPM.

For customers whose needs exceed the 20kW of NuVinci 38CVP Innovation Kit, they can easily modify the kit for greater power by upgrading the lube/cooling system.

The kit will be of interest to customers who want to buy something off the shelf for use in applications such as for an industrial drive of 5 to 10 hp (3.75 to 7.5kW) where the objective is to convert a constant speed machine into a variable speed unit with reduced energy consumption. 

For testing, it comes with a case to facilitate directed pressure lube fluid distribution as well as a manual shift mechanism. You need to provide your own electronic control for shifting protocols optimized to your application (we can help you with this).

For production for your platform, the final design would be a bolt-in module for your industrial, energy, agricultural, marine, or automotive application with simple and stable ratio control, and excellent efficiency in power transfer.

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